Deluxe Assortment

Discover our wonderful assortment box with all our latest Belgian chocolate creations: marbled Sea Horses, Opus pralines and fine Perlines.

Deluxe AssortmentThere’s no better gift than an assortment of the most delicious Belgian chocolates. Our Deluxe Assortment brings together our latest chocolate treasures.

Our Perlines are irresistible praliné truffle filled chocolates which deliver a rich and decadent taste sensation. The classic Opus pralines bring a symphony of chocolates with a variety of shapes and fillings inspired by famous opera’s. Last but not least you can taste our famous seahorse chocolates with their beautifully marbled shell and our signature hazelnut praliné filling.

Give and enjoy!

Deluxe Assortment 174g

Deluxe Assortment
174g - 16 pieces

Deluxe Assortment 264g

Deluxe Assortment
264g - 24 pieces

Deluxe Assortment 528g

Deluxe Assortment
528g - 48 pieces

Deluxe Assortment 708g

Deluxe Assortment
708g- 64 pieces