New Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café in Seoul

We are proud to announce that we’ve opened a new Guylian Belgian […]

Father’s Day Competition

Did you know that Rombouts is a premium Belgian brand, just like […]

Coated Fruits Competition

Join our Coated Fruits Competition on Facebook or Instagram We’re giving away […]

Mother’s Day competition

For all our Belgian and French fans: join our Mother’s Day competition […]

Finalist for the Travel Retail Award 2018

We are very proud to announce the Guylian Master’s Selection Golden Gift […]

Easter Egg Hunt with Guylian Belgian Chocolates!

For all our Belgian followers: MNM organizes a Peter Easter egg hunt […]

Salon du Chocolat 2018

Guylian was present at Salon du Chocolat 2018 in Brussels with our […]

Congrats to Heather Koldewey, co-founder of Project Seahorse!

Heather Koldewey, co-founder of Project Seahorse, was crowned to National Geographic Fellow […]

Guylian Master’s Selection at the airport of Istanbul, Turkey

We proudly present you our Guylian Master’s Selection stage at Heinemann in […]

Eun-hye Kim is the winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2018 in Korea

Eun-hye Kim, chef of the Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café in Seoul, is […]

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