Eun-hye Kim is the winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2018 in Korea

Eun-hye Kim, chef of the Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café in Seoul, is the winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2018 in Korea. The World Chocolate Masters is the only competition in the world  dedicated to the individual creativity of chocolatiers and pastry chefs with chocolate. During the national qualifying rounds, held in 22 countries between January 2017 and January 2018,  chefs and chocolatiers will get to showcase their talent and skills to a global audience, […]

Finger licking good chocolates at Guylian Café Seoul

Who wouldn’t melt away when seeing a Guylian Master Chocolatier creating some finger licking good chocolates? The visitors of our Guylian café in Seoul sure did! Last week, our chocolatier Ludwig, went to Korea to shoot a video in our Guylian Café in Seoul. And he just could not keep himself from creating some exceptional masterpieces in full view of some curious visitors. Of course they didn’t hesitate a second to taste some of the handcrafted […]

Guylian Café: Westfield Sydney

Introducing our brand new Guylian Café: Westfield Sydney. Hooray! A new cosy place in town that serves the finest coffee, delicious hot chocolates and freshly baked pastries. Come on in and enjoy one of our many signature desserts and of course our world famous Belgian chocolates. There’s never been a better place to relax and unwind from your shopping adventures than a Guylian Café. Discover more    

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