Guylian’s first Advent Calendar

Because of love for our fans, December is a GIVE-AWAY month. We‘ve created our own Guylian ‘Advent Calendar’- giving away a different product to one of our fans every day until Christmas. There are 24 days until Christmas so 24 presents to GIVE AWAY. Some examples of our Give-Away’s are the Guylian Clutch, the Guylian Belgian Classics and our Guylian Christmas Hamper. Would you like to become a Guylian fan, follow us on Facebook  and/or Instagram: […]

New Opus, La Trufflina & Perlines recipe and packaging

This year, Guylian has been working on some exciting improvements to some of our products. We are proud to present a new recipe and new packaging for Guylian Opus, La Trufflina and Perlines! Because of our love for nature and health, Guylian replaced palm oil with sustainable shea butter and sunflower oil, resulting in smoother textured and even better tasting chocolates. Opus contains 18% less saturated fat than before, La Trufflina contains 30% less saturated […]

Guylian Freakshake

Discover our delicious Guylian Freakshake Tutu Chic, a premium Belgian brand that loves innovation, made this special Guylian Freakshake with Guylian Belgian Chocolates. Make your own Guylian Freakshake and share it on Instagram with #guylianfreakshake. Want to try this Guylian Freakshake? Only Available  at ‘Le Freak C’est Tutu Chic’ in Knokke, Belgium until the end of September!      

Guylian Master’s Selection – Buyers frontier winner forum

Guylian has joined the Buyers Frontier winner forum with our Guylian Master’s Selection, a premium colletection of 20 or 36 mini pralines in 10 of 12 delectable flavours, ranging from adventurously exotic to deliciously traditional. The Guylian Master’s Selection is the crown on Guylian’s 50th anniversary and honors the Belgian chocolate making tradition with a delicious gift box. Three senior figures from the industry have tried the Guylian Master’s Selection and given their opinion. Here you […]

Finalist for the Travel Retail Award 2018

We are very proud to announce the Guylian Master’s Selection Golden Gift Box is selected as a finalist for the Travel Retail Award 2018 in the category Best Confectionery Product! Thank you all for the support. Haven’t tried our Guylian Master’s Selection yet? Shop now online at the Guylian Belgian Chocolates European Webshop and discover the taste of our new Master’s Selection mini pralines. A premium assortment of Belgian mini pralines filled with a variety of […]

Salon du Chocolat 2018

Guylian was present at Salon du Chocolat 2018 in Brussels with our new product: Guylian Master’s Selection, thank you all for the compliments! Guylian Master’s Selection is a premium collection of mini pralines in 10 delectable flavours, ranging from adventurously exotic to deliciously traditional. Discover flavours like Coffee Cardemom, Ginger-Lime or Caramel with Pineapple. Our Master’s Selection is also available online in a Golden or Red box.

Guylian Master’s Selection at the airport of Istanbul, Turkey

We proudly present you our Guylian Master’s Selection stage at Heinemann in Istanbul airport. Heinemann is represented in 77 international airports in 28 countries with more than 320 Duty Free & Travel Value shops. For one month a tasting was organized on a daily basis in order to let the shopper discover our new creation. What do you think about of Guylian Master’s Selection stage in Istanbul? Buy now our Guylian Master’s Selection Gold 240g or Guylian […]

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