Guylian seahorses of the world competition

Seahorses of the World Photography Competition

The Winners of Guylian’s Seahorses of the World Photography Contest 2016

The 3 winners of the grand prizes:

  1. Luc Eeckhaut (Belgium)
  2. Bruno Van Saen (Belgium)
  3. Gino Symus (Belgium)

The winners of the Public’s Prize:

  1. Rui Palma (Portugal)
  2. Tom Van Hout (Belgium)
  3. Jef Driesen (Belgium)
  4. Danny Van Belle (Belgium)
  5. Arco de Man (Netherlands)

By organizing a contest that collects the best photos of these animals, Guylian aims to raise awareness about seahorses and to show the beauty of these creatures to a vast audience. Guylian has been Project Seahorse’s loyal partner and main sponsor since 1999. Project Seahorse is an interdisciplinary and international organization committed to conservation and sustainable use of the world’s coastal marine ecosystems. Project Seahorse uses seahorses to focus their efforts in finding marine conservation solutions. Read more about them here.