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Congrats to Heather Koldewey, co-founder of Project Seahorse!

Heather Koldewey, co-founder of Project Seahorse, was crowned to National Geographic Fellow on the National Geographic Explorer Festival in London. This festival brings the most inspiring and innovative scientists and researchers together, who seek for solutions for the life of our planet.

Guylian is a proud sponsor of Project Seahorse a meaningful partnership since 1999: Marine life is globally threatened by human activities. Project Seahorse is dedicated to conserving seahorses and other marine life across the world. Project Seahorse was established in 1996 in response to the growing danger seahorses are in. More than 25 million seahorses – both dead and alive – are traded globally each year. Seahorses function as a flagship symbol for a wide range of marine conservation concerns. Ensuring that coastal ecosystems are healthy for these magical creatures benefits the many other marine species. Saving the seahorses means saving the seas!

Project Seahorse and Guylian agree on the importance of seahorses as a sign of quality – whether it’s for healthy coastal seas or fine Belgian Chocolates. Every time you buy a box of Guylian Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells, you are supporting Project Seahorse.


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