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Delivery and Shipping

Does Guylian ship to my country and what will the cost be?

We ship to all European countries. Please see the detailed list below.


Austria Italy
Belgium Luxembourg
Denmark The Netherlands
Finland Norway
France Portugal
Germany Spain
Great Britain Sweden
Ireland Switzerland

The shipping cost is calculated for each parcel individually as this depends on weight and destination. Please complete your order and proceed to checkout to see the exact shipping cost to your country.

Shipping to USA? Click here

When will my parcel arrive?

Please consider up to 7 working days for your order to arrive. Do not hesitate to contact our should your order take up more than 7 working days. Your order will be fully trackable with a link you’ll receive in the order confirmation e-mail.

How are the chocolates delivered and where can I track my order?

We offer international delivery service throughout Europe with various carriers. Whether you are shipping a gift to Germany, the UK, France or Greece, we guarantee that delivery of our delicious Belgian chocolates will be on time and in perfect condition.

You can track every step of your order’s progress by logging into your account or tracking your order via the e-mail confirmation tracking code.
We pack our chocolates so they remain within a temperature range of 10 – 18 ° Celsius. This is optimal for the chocolates to travel. When needed, we add isolation a cooling element to the parcel.

Our company is FDA approved.

What if I was not home at the time of delivery?

Depending on the carrier, most of the time the parcel will be left at a pick-up-point at you will get a note stating where and when you can pick it up. Please be aware that, from the moment of the first attempt, Guylian nor Sprintpack Logistics are responsible for your parcel and the conditions it is stored in.

What if I ordered my package on Friday?

If you are shipping a package over a weekend, your order may be held until the following Monday to ensure minimal time in transit.

Important: shipments outside of the European Union (Norway and Switzerland)

For shipments to Norway and Switzerland it may occur that customs physically inspect the parcel. This can cause a delay of which neither GUYLIAN nor its shipping partner can be held accountable for.

It is possible that the recipient is charged duties or custom fees. Do mind that, to speed up this process, GUYLIAN always includes an invoice in the parcel for customs. Even when you ship your order as a gift.

Ordering and Payment

What payment options do you accept?

  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • Paypal
  • iDEAL
  • American Express
  • DotPay
  • GiroPay
  • Maestro
  • MisterCash
  • Sofort

Can I have a product gift wrapped?

Yes, some products can be gift wrapped in a gift wrapping of your choice. You can even add a personal message to the gift.

If you don’t see the gift wrapping option, then we don’t offer this service on that specific product due to the irregular shape or size of the box.

Why do I have to pay extra for gift wrapping?

We carefully select the gift wrapping options for all our products. As some products are popular as a last-minute gift, we decided to standard gift wrap them. These Gift Wrapped Ballotins are wrapped with care in glossy Guylian gift wrapping and decorated with a decorative ribbon when they leave our building.
Other products are not gift wrapped by default, but we still want to offer you the option to make it a gift. Because the gift wrapping needs to be done afterwards, this is an additional service.

Does Guylian offer any business gifts or a discount when buying large volumes?

Yes, we offer plenty of Bulk Chocolate Gifts or B2B specials. You can order them online or contact  to get a personal offer.

We also have volume discounts on all our products, so the more you buy, the more you save.*
*Discounts are calculated on merchandise total, before shipping and excluding charges for gift

Do I get an invoice?

We do not include an invoice by default in your parcel but you do get an electronic invoice in your inbox (PDF).

Do mind that for shipments outside of the EU (Norway and Switzerland) we always include an invoice for customs as it may occur that the recipient is charged duties or custom fees. To ensure no parcel spends a longer time in customs than needed, we also include an invoice when you ship your order as a gift.

I have a VAT number, can I check out without VAT?

Yes, you can. Just enter your VAT number in the checkout and you will receive an invoice with 0% VAT.

I want to order a product but I can’t find it online, what can I do?

As Guylian produces hundreds of products, it is impossible to offer all these online. We have hand-picked a selection of our most popular products in a variety of flavours to offer you the most complete Guylian experience possible.

What are Guylian’s sales conditions?

Art. 1
The Buyer is bound by any order, whereas the Seller is only bound after he confirmed the order in writing. Only the Seller’s sales conditions shall apply.

Art. 2
All delivered products and raw materials from Guylian remain the property of Guylian until full payment of its invoices. In case of default in payment on the due date, the amount due shall be increased ipso iure by delay interest calculated at 1 % per month. For the application of this clause, any started month is regarded as a whole month. The amount remaining unpaid on the due date will be increased ipso iure by 10 %.

Art. 3
The contract is subject to Belgian law; any dispute shall be settled exclusively by the courts competent for the registered office of the Seller.

Art. 4
The liability for damage as a result of delivery is limited to the value of the goods sold.

Art. 5
Unless otherwise agreed, Guylian is delivering ex-works. The risks of the goods is transferred to the buyer as soon as the goods are collected

Products FAQ

Ingredients and Special Diets

Are Guylian products Kosher?

The following of our products have been certified Kosher:

Chocolate Sea Shells/Sea Horses
All varieties

Chocolate Truffles
La Trufflina
Cocoa Truffles

Le Gourmet
Belgian Classics
Les Exclusives
Deluxe Assortment

Individual Wrapped Chocolates
Guylian’s Temptations: all varieties

Chocolate Bars
Belgian Chocolate Bar No Sugar Added 100g: Milk and Dark varieties
Sea Shell Bar: all varieties

Seasonal specials
Praliné Hearts
Little Guy / P’tit Guy

Are Guylian products Halal?

Guylian’s products have been produced under the supervision of the EuroHalal Office of Control and Halal Certification. Therefore all products are free from Haram or questionable (mashbouh) ingredients, ensuring they are Halal and are fit for consumption by Muslims.

The following of our products have been certified Halal:

Chocolate Sea Shells/Sea Horses
All varieties

Chocolate Truffles
La Trufflina
Cocoa Truffles

Le Gourmet
Belgian Classics
Les Exclusives
Deluxe Assortment

Individual Wrapped Chocolates
Guylian’s Temptations: all varieties

Chocolate Bars
Belgian Chocolate Bar 100g: all varieties
Belgian Chocolate Bar No Sugar Added 100g: all varieties
Sea Shell Bar: all varieties

Seasonal specials
Praliné Hearts
Easter Egg 70g + Sea Shells Original Praliné 65g
Easter Egg 120g + Sea Shells Original Praliné 125g
Flame Egg + 6 Sea Horses Original Praliné
Mini Filled Eggs
Easter Hen + Mini Filled Eggs
Little Guy / P’tit Guy

Gourmet products
Guylian Dark Chocolate Dip
Guylian Chocolate Spread – Original Praliné

Coated Fruits
All varieties

Are Guylian chocolates suitable for individuals with nut, milk, or soy allergies?

No. Many of our chocolates contain nuts, milk, or soy ingredients, and any of our products may contain traces of those.

Because we care about correct information, you will find detailed allergy information on each product’s detail page and on the back of the box

Do Guylian products contain gluten?

Yes. While most of the chocolates are made without wheat ingredients, all products may contain traces of gluten.

Are Guylian products suited for vegetarians or vegans?

All Guylian products are suitable for vegetarians.

Guylian products are not suitable for vegans since Guylian chocolates contain milk powder or traces of milk powder.

Do Guylian chocolates contain alcohol?

None of the Guylian chocolate products contain spirits or alcoholic drinks

Are Guylian products GMO free?

Yes. All Guylian chocolate ingredients are free from GMO ingredients.

Chocolate and Storing

What is the history of chocolate?

Food of the gods

Theobroma cacao, the Latin name for the cocoa tree literally means ‘food of the gods’. The MAYA Indians where the first to cultivate the cocoa tree for its fruits. The cocoa beans were not only an ingredient in the chocolate drink ‘xocotlatl’ – meaning ‘bitter water’ -, but it was also used as a currency because of their value.

Chocolate was invented by a Toltec, throwing cocoa beans in the fire

Initially only the pulp of the cocoa fruit was because the cocoa beans tasted very acrid. Later one of the Toltecs came to the idea to throw the beans in the fire. The nice fragrance made his mouth water. He crushed the beans between stones, obtained a smooth mass and tasted it. The beginning of chocolate!

Christopher Columbus was the first European to taste chocolate

During his visit to the island of Guanaja, the Aztec offered him the luxury chocolate drink ‘xocotlatl’ but he detested the bitter beverage based on roasted seeds of cocoa blended with spices. He brought cocoa beans back to Europe but they were neglected because other treasures on board were far more interesting.

Only in the 20th century chocolate becomes available for everyone

The Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortéz brought cocoa beans to Spain in 1528 where the cocoa drink was enjoyed by King and court but kept as an elite and precious secret for almost 100 years. However, the secret leaked out and soon the cream of society from Milan to London was drinking chocolate. Gradually the custom of drinking chocolate spread across Europe. England was the first to produce solid chocolate for eating. Chocolate was still considered a luxury; only in the 20th century did chocolate become more freely available for everyone.

How should Guylian chocolates be stored?

Chocolate keeps best between 65 and 70°F (14° C – 18° C), away from direct sunlight, and protected from moisture. Refrigerating or freezing chocolate is not recommended.

What is the difference between cocoa mass and cocoa butter?

Cocoa mass and cocoa butter are both made out of cocoa beans. After the fermentation, drying and cleaning, the cocoa beans are taken out of the cocoa fruit. They are roasted and then there are 2 ways to further process them:

1)The cocoa nibs (= cocoa beans without shell) are grinned to cocoa mass.
This is a first raw material that Guylian uses in their product.

2) The cocoa nibs are dried and milled. After that, the obtained mass is pressed to extract the fat. This extracted fat is cocoa butter, it is the only premium fat Guylian uses in its chocolate because it gives chocolate the creamy taste and superior “melt-in-your-mouth” texture, better known as the Guylian experience.

What quality certificates does Guylian have?

● Guylian was certified with an ISO 9001 (1996) as one of the first companies in the Belgian Chocolate industry.

● Since 2003 Guylian is certified for the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certificate.

● We upgraded the ISO certificate to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This is renewed annually after an extensive audit.

● Guylian implements all HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) procedures at every stage of the production process.


What is Guylian’s standpoint on child labor?

Our company is strongly involved with all its suppliers to ensure that there is a transparent and correctly monitored supply chain with no untoward practices.
Our chocolate suppliers actively support programs that aim at eradicating child labour. They also only purchase from cooperative groups who pay a fair price to the farmers.

Guylian is taking its responsibility by supporting the vision and the programs of the Belgian Association of Chocolates, Biscuits and Confectionary (Choprabisco) as well as the European Association of Chocolate Manufacturers (Caobisco) of which we are member. Both Associations work closely together with The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and the International Cocoa Initiative to prevent child and forced labor in cocoa farming.

A recent success was the partnership Caobisco signed with the International Labour Organization called “Integrated Model for the Elimination of Worst Forms of Child Labour in Seasonal Agriculture in Hazelnut Harvesting in Turkey”. This partnership scales up the efforts to combat child labour in seasonal hazelnut harvesting in Turkey. Guylian and all other Caobisco members are confident that this partnership will have an impact in all seasonal labour and eliminate the worst forms of child labour throughout the country.

More info can be found on and

Does Guylian support the production of sustainable palm oil?

Yes, we do.
GreenPalm is a certificate trading programme which is designed to tackle the environmental and social problems created by the production of palm oil.
This means that for every ton of palm oil we use in the production of our products, we have paid a voluntary premium to a palm oil producer which is operating within the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s (RSPO) strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility.
More than 80% of all Guylian chocolates produced and sold are Guylian Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells, made with premium Belgian chocolate with 100% cocoa butter and filled with our signature Hazelnut Praliné. These do not contain palm oil.

Guylian has only a small number of Chocolate Truffle products that contain sustainable GreenPalm oil.