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Guylian home baking – Finishing Touches

Baking at home has long been a passion for many, whilst for less keen bakers, making rainy day biscuits or blondies is an activity that many parents turn to in order to keep their little ones entertained while stuck indoors. Never have we been stuck indoors more and never have people been more desperate for flour, eggs and icing sugar! Many are cooking and baking for the first time or significantly upping their kitchen game, with children asking to bake every opportunity. So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to show you that there are many ways to enjoy your favourite Guylian chocolates as part of your baking repertoire alongside some foodie friends and passionate parents who have joined us to create a collection fo you and all the family to try.

The rich flavour and smooth texture that you have come to know and love from Guylian are thanks to an exceptional blend of West-African cocoa beans and 100% pure cocoa butter. And the hazelnut praliné filling is till produced according to the unique (and top secret) recipe and tradional method of roasting and caramelising hazelnuts.We hope you are inspired to create your own signature bakes featuring Guylian Belgian chocolates while stuck at home and do share them with us @guylianchocolates and @Guylian_uk or by using #Guylianchocolate.

Find our 9 delicious recipes here.



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