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Guylian Master’s Selection – Buyers frontier winner forum

Guylian has joined the Buyers Frontier winner forum with our Guylian Master’s Selection, a premium colletection of 20 or 36 mini pralines in 10 of 12 delectable flavours, ranging from adventurously exotic to deliciously traditional. The Guylian Master’s Selection is the crown on Guylian’s 50th anniversary and honors the Belgian chocolate making tradition with a delicious gift box.

Three senior figures from the industry have tried the Guylian Master’s Selection and given their opinion.

Here you can see the results:

1. Claudia Gamberucci: Bibi wine and spirits consulting owner

Quality: 10
Price: 9
Packaging: 10
Innovation: 10
Sales/potential: 9

2. Katri Keian: Tallin airport commercial concessions sales manager
Quality: 10
Price: 10
Packaging: 10
Innovation: 10
Sales / potential: 10

3. Simon Resch: Emerson duty free general manager
Quality: 10
Price: 6
Packaging: 9
Innovation: 8
Sales / potential: 7

Our Guylian Master’s Selection is only available in duty free shops or on our Webshop in gold or red boxes: https://www.guylian.com/product-category/assortments/

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