Seahorses of the World Photography and Video Competition

Guylian and Nelos are organizing the 7th edition of the Guylian Seahorses of the World Photography & Video competition. This competition is held every two years and gathers the best seahorse photos and videos from underwater photographers and divers around the world. Together with NELOS and Project Seahorse, Guylian’s aim for this competition is to raise awareness about seahorses, their habitats and the threats they face.

Taking part is simple, each participant can submit up to five (5) photographs and/or one (1) video film to These pictures and videos will be reviewed and posted on our gallery: where everybody can view and like the pictures and videos through their Facebook account.

An International jury will select winners from the photos based on scientific value, artistic value, seahorse species, creativity, uniqueness of location, habitat, etc. Furthermore public prizes will be awarded based on the pictures with the most likes.

Find out more about the competition and wonderful dive equipment prizes here:


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