A new and improved exclusive range of four individually wrapped bars of Guylian Belgian Chocolate to enjoy wherever you are. Anywhere. Anytime.

Guylian’s Master Chocolatiers have created a new product range out of love for sustainable cocoa: a selection of different flavoured 4x25g individually wrapped mini bars (25g). Each mini bar is embellished with the iconic Guylian Sea Horse as a sign of quality and as they are individually wrapped, you can enjoy a deliciously fresh chocolate experience every time. Guylian Chocolate bars are made using 100% sustainable cocoa out of respect for nature and the cocoa farmers. Every time you buy Guylian Belgian Chocolate bars, you are also supporting two incredible sustainability initiatives, Project Cocoa and Project Seahorse!

Chocolate to enjoy wherever you are. Anywhere. Anytime.

We have designed the bar you’ve always wanted!

Portion-controlled size
– Four individually wrapped Belgian Chocolate bars
Hermetically sealed for deliciously fresh chocolate everytime
Resealable outer envelope, making the chocolate easy to store away
Popular flavours including Milk, Dark, Hazelnut and Salted Caramel
– Top quality Belgian chocolate with premium ingredients including 100% cocoa butter 
– Made with sustainable cocoa as Guylian supports environmental and social causes
– Two new bars with reduced sugar content, using stevia-based sweeteners
– Perfect for an indulgent treat on the go

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500g - 44 pralines

Guylian's number 1 product, created by our founders and taking over the world ever since. Discover the indulgent taste sensation of our Original Praliné Sea Shell chocolates now ...

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250g - 22 per box

Savour Guylian’s Original Sea Shells, beautifully crafted with a blend of the finest Belgian Chocolate and filled with in house roasted Hazelnut Praliné. Consumers all over the world love them for their exquisite taste, brilliance and beautifully sculpted marbled shapes.

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