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The Original Sea Shells

Savour our Original Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells, beautifully crafted with a blend of the finest Belgian Chocolate and filled with our Original in house roasted Hazelnut Praliné.

Chocolate lovers around the world love our chocolates for their exquisite taste. Slowly savour for an amazing chocolate experience with a luxuriously creamy mouth feel and intense after taste. The World’s Favourite Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells are Guylian’s flagship product. Each carefully crafted shell is a blend of delicious white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate, made from the finest West African cocoa beans and filled with the delicious Guylian roasted hazelnut praliné, which is still made with the original and artisan recipe of the company’s founding father, Guy Foubert. Chocolate connoisseurs all over the world love them for their exquisite taste, brilliance and beautifully sculpted marbled shapes.

There are 3 things very unique
about these chocolates:


    The seashell shapes are true pieces of art, finished in great detail. You can recognize a genuine Guylian Sea Shell by the Guylian G- stamp on every chocolate.


    Their marbled and beautifully shining shell is made of a unique mix of Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate. Look at our chocolates very closely and you’ll notice that not two seashells have exactly the same marbling pattern.


    The hazelnut praliné filling is still produced according our unique recipe in the age-old traditional manner (copper kettles). Our secret method of roasting and caramelizing fresh hazelnuts gives our chocolates their signature taste.

How are Sea Horse
Chocolates made?

Our founders invented the famous Chocolate Sea Shells: Guy, Master-Chocolatier, created our signature hazelnut praliné filling; his wife Liliane added the artistic touch by designing the shining marbled look and delicately sculptured shapes.

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500g - 44 pralines

Guylian's number 1 product, created by our founders and taking over the world ever since. Discover the indulgent taste sensation of our Original Praliné Sea Shell chocolates now ...