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Indulgent Pairings

Discover how the Guylian taste experience can be pleasantly enhanced with an accompaniment like a fine wine, a gourmet coffee or tea. Experiment and savour the unique flavours these pairings deliver.

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Wine and Guylian form one of the most luxurious and romantic pairings.The best tasting experiences will come from pairing wines that are at least as sweet as or sweeter than chocolate.

Explore some of our favourite pairings by tasting Guylian with dessert wines like Port, Madeira, Muscat/Moscato, and Banyuls.


Gourmet Coffee & Espresso

Coffee and Guylian chocolate are a match made in heaven. There is nothing more inviting then a Guylian praline lying next to a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
Try combining a sip of coffee with a bite of chocolate. Let the flavours of the two meld together in your mouth and take a moment to fully savour the complex new flavour that emerges.
Each type of coffee or espresso drink offers a different level of intensity and balance. Experiment with them to find the perfect coffee pairing.
Make yourself an indulgent Guylian Belgian Mocha by melting a Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolate into your espresso drink. Top with whip cream for a super indulgent escape.

Specialty, Gourmet Tea

This indulgent pairing allows the nuances of the chocolate and the teas to be highlighted. As the hot tea blends with the Guylian chocolate on the palate, the chocolate melts and engulfs the palate with a concert of flavours.
Some of the most exciting pairings will come from black teas, Rooibos red teas, and stronger flavoured herbal teas. Consider some of these pairings as you journey to find the perfect Guylian Tea Break.

  • English Breakfast Tea brings out the roasted and caramelized notes of Guylian’s hazelnut praliné filling.
  • Earl Grey tea with the citrus fruit flavor of bergamot, accents the sweet notes in Guylian chocolates.
  • Darjeeling, a refined black tea, will bring out the delicately creamy taste of Guylian’s white Belgian chocolate.