Decadent chocolate trifle

: For X servings

500ml refrigerated custard
100g dark chocolate
350g chocolate cake (I’ve used brownies in this)
500ml double cream
25g icing sugar
1teaspoon vanilla essence
250g box of Guylian Sea Shell Chocolates to decorate

  1. Warm up the custard and dark chocolate in a saucepan. Once this is mixed set aside to cool and cover the top with either tin foil or clingfilm to stop a skin from forming.

  2. Add the chocolate cake you’ve decided to use to a trifle dish.

  3. Once the custard is cool layer it on top of the cake, because I was using brownie pieces I decided to mix it together.

  4. In a large bowl whisk the cream, icing sugar and vanilla essence until it forms peaks.

  5. Add this onto of the custard and decorate with berries and Guylian Sea Shell Chocolates.